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Civil Litigation - Private
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M.J. Gold seemed to get it into his head even before we appeared before him that the case was frivolous. I still don't know why. He was extemely protective of the government in a civil case, granting them stay after stay and affording them every benefit of the doubt. It was as if the Federal Rules were irrelevant-- everything was his discretion. Only after we won the case did he change his attitude. Then he seemed to favor us. On the other hand he was always very quick with rulings. (Several times he ruled even before he got our papers which were quite timely -- oops!). He is smart, no question, but full of himself. God forbid you 'interrupt' him, such as by answering his question. Once lectured my client that there really was no principal involved in a case-- a civil rights case-- and he should be happy with money. My client told him he was wrong-- God bless. In short, I think he works hard, but in my experience, he is a punk.
7/15/19, 2:10 AM
Hon. Steven M. Gold (Chief Magistrate)

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