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I had him for one case where the defense lied to me and failed to produce critical documents proving liability in my initial rule 34 request, saying none existed. Then, in a deposition the witness proved the existence of the documents and I filed a motion with the magistrate which was granted. But the defense had already filed a MSJ and I got the documents report the day after my response was filed. He refused my motions to modify the scheduling order to allow sufficient time to get the report after the magistrate ordered it, denied motions to reschedule the MSJ, forced me to work all through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays on Rule 16 trial preparation stuff, and on the day of the hearing on the MSJ, on January 3, issued an order that the defense had indeed 'stonewalled' the discovery and reopened discovery, which he could have done when I first asked for it. He was a real jerk. Another pro-government Bush appointee with little regard for civil or human rights. Very disorganized and seemingly did little reading in the early part of the case.
7/15/19, 2:11 AM
Hon. John F. Walter

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