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Honorable Judge Joan Gottschall . . . . Congratulations and respectful appreciation! Learning of your retirement from the bench is a heartfelt loss for the American people. Particularly any litigant who has had the honor and constitutional privilege for you to preside over their civil or criminal case, which is always a life altering experience, and divine appointment. Judge Gottschall, thank you for your years of honorable service. I know first-hand how you set the standards for the administration of justice and have been the benchmark for due process throughout the 'halls of justice'. My Pro Se case more than fifteen years (15) ago (Chapman v. Consolidated Communications) was successfully settled only because of your judicial temperment and thoughtful reputation and desire to treat all parties fairly, with patience and respect. Your rulings are always fair because all parties leave your courtroom 'equally dissatisfied' and justice is the only winner, as it rightfully should be. My family and I learned over the past thirty (32) two years of litigation that the 'Judge Gottschall Trait' is not all that common and should never be taken for granted. Judge Gottschall it has been an honor to stand before you in a court of law and to address you as 'Your Honor'! Your purpose-filled life has truly served its God-ordained purpose. It is lucid that you have honored God in your work. Honorable Ms. Judge Gottschall, on behalf of my wife, family, and myself, along with the American people who held you as our 'gatekeeper for freedom' for more than a quarter of a century, I humbly thank you for your esteem, service, and sacrifice for our Nation; to the Rule of Law; for the People of the Northern District of Illinois; and our Constitution of the United States. Your presence on the bench will be truly missed! Your Honor, may the Lord continue to bless you and your family this day and always! May the peace of the Lord go with you . . . Respectfully Yours, Lamar C. Chapman, III Grateful Litigant Oak Brook, Illinois December 17, 2012 cc: The White House
7/15/19, 2:13 AM
Hon. Joan B. Gottschall

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