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My former comment about Judge Chasanow was deleted, but probably because I called her c----pt. This time I will not use the 'c' word, but instead speak of the details of her acts. In order to have my case dismissed, Judge Chasanow, inter alia, not just distorted well-established case law, but took judicial notice of non-existent facts. I responded with a request for reconsideration, and filed motions under FRE 201(c)(2) and 201(e). My own motions for JN were clearly supported by public documents in her possession (that were entered by the opposition), and the facts I alleged contradicted Chasanow's false assertions. Chasanow responded by refusing to consider the motions on the merits, and she even went so far as to cut off motion practice as the other side could not dispute my factual assertions. I've never even heard of a judge cutting off motion practice. A friend of mine told me a few horror stories about her, but those sound like the comments below. Comment 22269 describes her opinions as 'poorly researched and internally-inconsistent.' I suspect that isn't the case, and I'm sure you cited correct case law, which she ignored. This tiny note to the world will barely be noticed if noticed at all, but should anyone want detail, you are invited to email me. Judges like Chasanow give the judiciary a bad name.
7/15/19, 2:13 AM
Hon. Deborah K. Chasanow

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