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Judge Kane was at one time one of the greatest judges we had here in Colorado. Anywhere, frankly. And then, soon thereafter, one of the absolute worst. Chiefly because he would not admit an apparent sleeping problem. It would appear that since that 'disability,' he has rebounded. The earlier period is well documented. The bad just as well documented, oddly because he tried to not pay taxes on his disability retirement. 43 F.3d 1446. For sleep apnea. It was well known. You had to knock the microphone to wake him up. It was awful. He would wake up in a mood. Saying you took up his time. And then he got better. And apparently he is still doing well. I hope he does well for the rest of his life. But what he did during that period. He should never forget.
11/11/19, 5:30 AM
Hon. John L. Kane

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