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Civil Litigation - Private
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I tried a bench trial before Magistrate Judge Roby. My experience was that she was very prepared and knowledgeable. All pretrial motions were timely disposed of with well reasoned written opinions or carefully stated reasons on the record. She was sufficiently flexible with scheduling to allow attorneys to actually function like human beings while still moving the litigation forward in an expeditious fashion. While I did not win all rulings, I had no doubt by the end of all proceedings before Magistrate Judge Roby that my client had been given a fair opportunity for presentation of her claims by the Court, as had the opposing party. I would gladly select a bench trial by Magistrate Judge Roby over many juries and most district judges, both for the speed of getting to trial and the quality of the trial which was delivered by her.
7/15/19, 2:13 AM
Hon. Karen Wells Roby

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