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Would it be too much to assert that he is the worst judge I have ever been in front of after decades of practice? It would not be. If you look at the reviews, there are only two types: Judge Walter is the absolute worst or he is fantastic. In comparing notes with civil and criminal colleagues, I was told that if you draw Judge Walter as a civil plaintiff or a criminal defendant, then you should dismiss your case or make an effort to be in front of another judge. There are many defendants who were forced to take a plea not because of the merits but because of his bias. On the other hand if you are a prosecutor or defending a civil case, then break out the champagne corks. To be fair, there are many federal judges that bring a bias to either side so any claims of bias are typically nothing new and should be taken with a grain of salt. This court, however brings an extreme application of bias. Judge Walter is a bully. He is mean-spirited. In addition to his well-known obsessive adherence to his own arcane rules (rules that are likely on the edge or do in fact violate due process) this reviewer asserts that this Court's obsession with his local rules present a disturbing likelihood that this man is no longer fit to be a judge. If one were to read all of his opinions, there is a clear pattern of abusing attorneys and litigants through 'gotcha' procedures, imposing wholly unreasonable schedules on both sides of the bar. As a matter of fairness and equity, this Court reflects conduct that under the APA 's standards reflect true narcissistic if not borderline psychopathic behavior. The worst thing is that the Court appears to fashion itself as an intellectual giant. To the contrary, and as the Ninth Circuit has made so clear in reversal after reversal of the most petty attempts to punish a party or litigant, his opinions are the result not of an intellectual effort or even the most fundamental from of justice. AS a whole his opinions are often a ham fisted effort to punish one side and its counsel (It is almost always a civil plaintiff or criminal defendant). If someone had the time to force him the bench, the entire bar in our Central District would be relieved of the constant injustice which eminates from his courtroom. If I had one positive thing to say, I would point out that he does not like delay, especially the kind of delay that gives the law a bad name in the public eye
7/15/19, 2:16 AM
Hon. John F. Walter

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