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average rating is null out of 5
Breyer is brilliant and has all the appearances of fairness. I like several of his environmental rulings, but in my pre-trial Franks motion for a marijuana case (which he took over when my previous judge retired) he gave me an 8-day hearing, allowed all my witnesses, paid close attention, understood very technical scientific points, watched my attorneys frequently blow the government witnesses out of the water, then he wrote the most biased, dishonest order imaginable. He ignored any evidence he couldn't explain away with one of the government's lame excuses. His order literally falsified what some of the testimony had been. I had been out on O.R. for six years, but after he sentenced me he tried to remand me on the spot even though he had previously stated he would give me time after sentencing. (And we read that transcript back to him. Didn't matter.) Then he asked for a bond. He suggested $250K and asked the government what they wanted. The prosecutor suggested the same. Then he took one look at the assets of a friend who was putting up the money, a Silicon Valley executive, and he doubled the bond to $500K. He also unilaterally took over my companion forfeiture case and started handing down adverse decisions relating to money....
7/15/19, 2:11 AM
Hon. Charles R. Breyer

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