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Comment No. 6865 hit the nail right on the head. She spent her entire professional career as a federal prosecutor, so she is accustomed to the 'rocket docket' approach. That might be fine in criminal practice, where there is no discovery and the key witness (i.e. the defendant) rarely, if ever, testifies. Of course, that does not play out well in civil cases. Yes judge, there is a reason why we need the depositions and interrogatories: not all cases go to trial, unlike the criminal stuff. In case you missed the earlier posts, NEVER, in this life or your next, interrupt her, even if the 'interruption' is when she starts talking over you while you are talking. In that respect, she certainly has a serious case of 'robitis.'
7/15/19, 2:11 AM
Hon. Virginia M. Kendall

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