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Judge Wexler is from the old school. Show up prepared and be prepared to get clobbered, no matter how prepared you are. However, that being said, he is very fair, knows his cases and the law, and his clerks are top notch. Don't take his criticism personally, as he is wont to put every lawyer in the room 'in their place,' but he is a very good judge, a good person and just an old curmudgeon. You will get a fair shake in the end. We could use more judges with his temperament and sense of fairness. Your Honor, please don't retire, you are the backbone of the EDNY and I wish some of the other judges in your courthouse could take lessons from you on behavior towards parties and attorneys -- and, most importantly, fairness.
7/15/19, 2:11 AM
Hon. Leonard D. Wexler

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