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Criminal Case(Conspiracy with informant who is an illegal alien convicted of LYING to set up other law enforcement officials) should have been dismissed due to a violation of 'Fruits of the poisonous tree doctrine', key witness was an 'illegal alien' CONVICTED FELON for setting up other Customs officials up and admitted lying and was convicted in 1996. Lied again several times to get a green card as his motivation, witness tampering by the AUSA, Federal Agents altered evidence, Judge failed to take any action. AUSA was 'removed' for lying to this Judge, but not publicly. FBI Agent quit his career over this 'criminal case', all kinds of inconsistencies. She even gave special Jury instructions NOT to consider the informant's information(which was used to get a Grand Jury Indictment), but the damage was already done and even complimented the defense attorney on a good job of 'destroying the witness', but the Judge still refused to dismiss this case. The defendant was a former law enforcement official who was a known 'whistle-blower' with over 25 years experience and had a very credible background and a very high success rate on drugs cases he originated to this court. However, with the government's involvement in the Drug War, it cancels out all objectivity and it was purely a Political case against a whistle-blower. Even now, the FBI has FAILED to return a computer and other personal property for over 4 years and the court has done nothing to correct the wrongs done by the corrupt Judicial system and U.S. Attorney's under her jurisdiction. It appears the U.S. Attorney's are allowed to LIE, cheat and steal. Looking to have a 2255 filed, but have no real attorney.
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. Marilyn L. Huff

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