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average rating is null out of 5
This jurist demonstrates a clear, baseless bias in favor the the defense in a civil employment discrimination action, to the extent of actually attempting to take advantage of his perception of a pro se litigant's purported dearth of knowledge of the law by fallaciously depicting aspects of a routine legal agreement as allegedly 'impossible.' Started out fair and reasonably impartial, but was obviously wrongly swayed by the defense in ex parte communications with same Caused one to recall a line from John Clifford Mortimer's Rumpole character (regarding a British judge who was displaying such an unrelenting bias in favor of the prosecution that Rumpole mused, 'I was tempted to ask the old darling if he cared to go into the witness box and testify for the prosecution'). There are other criticisms which may be fairly launched against this jurist, but suffice it to say that he represented yet another bitter disappointment in the allegedly august legal system. (That quote that I am paraphrasing here concerning, 'They call them the halls of justice because the only place you get justice is in the halls' is highly applicable here as well.) Court support staff are often, in many instances, afflicted with a severe lack of integrity.
7/15/19, 2:16 AM
Hon. Henry Pitman

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