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Civil Litigation - Private
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This judge never stopped being a lawyer. Example: she uses her position to advocate against Spanish speakers ripped off by crooked loan companies who seek redress in the courts without regard for statutes or judicial opinions. She goes out of her way to write unnecessary deterimental opinions in circumstances such as when a party merely seeks leave to file an amended pleading. This Judge favors politically connected elite local firms and punishes attorneys and their clients who file types of lawsuits she does not favor. This judge will unnecessarily dismiss an entire lawsuit with prejudice when there exist viable state claims that can be litigated in the State Courts where in similiar cases her collegues on the bench dismiss the federal claims and refuse to extend jurisdiction on the state claims leaving access to the courts open to the litigant. Such action can only be designed to delibrately harm the litigant and counsel. She believes that the Federal Court is reserved for big corporations and feels sorry for herself that she has a heavy case load. The worst judge in San Diego and a contrast to many of the other fine judges on the Federal bench
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. Marilyn L. Huff

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