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Civil Litigation - Private
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average rating is null out of 5
average rating is null out of 5
My experience has been diametrically opposed to the other reviews posted. This Magistrate has shown a total lack of scholarship and understanding of the issues, which he appears to decide from 'the hip' and as a result of bias. His memory of past matters before him relevant to new issues has been appalling poor. Granted, this is with respect to 'procedural' issues (which he may deem of less significance, but are not unimportant in the least), not substantive issues, which I hope he never gets to address. His 'temperament' from his rulings has been reflective of his bias. Hopefully, the other reviewers have captured the Magistrate that should be sitting. Unfortunately, I have not.
7/15/19, 2:13 AM
Hon. Michael H. Dolinger

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