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Greetings: I've involuntarily litigated in the federal courts since 1986, when my own lawyer caused me to lose my business on a default judgment. The lawyer went to get measured for a wedding dress instead of appearing for my civil case. TWENTY-FOUR YEARS LATER, I AM STILL TRYING TO DIG MYSELF OUT OF THE LEGAL GRAVE YARD!!! As a pro se litigant, civil rights litigant, public interest litigation litigant and even a 'criminal' defendant for only complaining about mistreatment by the 'Good Ole Boys' Club' I believe that all of us are better off for Judge Bucklo and her even-handed patience. I actually prayed for Judge Bucklo's appointment to the bench in Chicago and even lobbied the Clinton Administration for her appointment and for other appointments that were not obligated to the 'Good Ole Boys Club.' Judge Bucklo is more than enough judge to be the 'Gatekeeper' of our freedom and for true administration of due process. God Bless Judge Bucklo for being brave enough to be really true to her oath of office. We can trust her!!!! We the People are truly blessed by her presence on the bench!
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. Elaine E. Bucklo

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