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Civil Litigation - Govt.
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Judge Holderman picks one side or the other to torture. I've been on both sides. And when I was on the down-side, it was a horrendous experience. Mentally ill? Quite likely. Utterly unable to contain himself when annoyed even slightly. Willing to waste large amounts of time vindicating his annoyance, which he always seems to take quite personally. The sick thing, or maybe it's the sad thing, is he seems to know it. Sometimes he makes a heroic attempt to reign himself in, but it usually fails. You can see him struggling. Biased, and willing to show it? Darned right. He's twice, once in my presence, stated in civil pre-trial conferences announced that he's going to give the other side anything it wants on post-trial fees because he thinks so highly of the attorney involved.
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. James F. Holderman

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