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Civil Litigation - Private
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This judge presided over a free for all in a civil case involving a simpke question over a lawyers authority by a client to dismiss litigants. The case devolved into side bar remarks ad hominem attacks upon counsel and a definite prejudice in favor of the attorneys committing the malfeasance. The judge did everything but stay focused on the purpose of the hearing. She failed to keep control of the focus of the hearings, argued with the litigant and gave litigants former counsel an out. It was obvious this had predetermined the case and that the hearing was a tongue thrashing directed towards the litigant. Not fit to sit on the bench. She might push the paper on criminal cases but it is obvioys she is shaky and not well versed when it comes to civil cases. Total waste of time. This judge could have concluded the hearing in 30 minutes but for letting the litigants former counsel rail on about the error being someone else's fault. Laredo needs another magistrate judge. .
7/15/19, 2:16 AM
Hon. Diana Song Quiroga

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