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Civil Litigation - Private
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This judge is a nut. She is terribly unprofessional in her demeanor and approach and does not appear to read papers. She clearly shows a bias towards public entity defendants. Several examples: defense counsel is late to conference, but plaintiff gets reamed for a typographical error in papers. Or, defense counsel makes several statements to the court regarding due diligence and firm activities that are knowingly inaccurate, which plaintiff's counsel later proves. There is no penalty; but Plaintiff's counsel is constantly threatened with sanctions or a report to the bar for trivial and unintentional errors of etiquette that have no impact on the case. She seems to have the federal rules memorized and can quote them but does not seem to understand what they mean or the caselaw that applies to their interpretation. She seems not to comprehend the law that is applicable to routine litigation issues. She appears to enjoy yelling at attorneys and will seek any opportunity to do so. She is uncooperative with counsel and appears anxious to simply push through litigation without regard to fairness or justice. She has taken no role in settlement.
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. Lisa Margaret Smith

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