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Magistrate Cole thinks he's smart. So what if he is? It’s a given that Magistrates shouldn’t be dumbbells. He pretends to be fair and open-minded, but I suspect that he decides early on who he wants to win. Not so 'smart'. In my book he’s insufficiently intelligent, inauthentic and condescending. Others often make similar comments on their way out to the elevators. In his prolix written opinions and lengthy lectures from the bench, he looks for opportunities to interject gratuitous, ad hominem digs at the lawyers (and litigants) who have to bite their tongues. WARNING: Be careful about what you say in his courtroom or your briefs - it may be twisted and/or will probably wind up in a minute order and be used against you or your client.
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. Jeffrey Cole

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