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'The worst judge in the Northern District?' Spoken like someone who has never appeared before Norgle, Der-Yeghiayan, Marovich or Lindberg. She is no Posner or Easterbrook, but neither is she the worst judge in the district. I wouldn't want to have a patent or securities case with her, but if you most a straightforward civil matter or any type of criminal matter and if you want to go to trial, then she is your judge. She runs a smooth trial and let's you actually try your case. Try getting that with some of the so-called 'smarter' judges in that building. For instance, Pallmeyer is rumored to be better, but she will screw up a jury trial if you gave her a complete outline of what to do and when to do it. And let's not forget the 'wunderkind,' Mark Filip. Allegedly retired because he was 'bored.' Apparently Filip was so bored that he couldn't be bothered to do simple things like rule on motions. Brilliance is worthless when you are too lazy to demonstrate it. I'll take Judge Manning over anyone who Poster 6862's deems to be a 'better judge.'
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. Blanche M. Manning

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