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Today at my NEW BLOG, MANDAMUS: Void Orders/Judgments, I published a new post: Mr. Rainey: Why did you sit on my TRO Motions for 11.5 months without taking any actions while others were issued in an hour with a phone call or in one day? He seems to be trying to block my publication. If you have problem finding this NEW BLOG, please go to my OLD BLOG, which started on 4/12/2012: Out of the 450+ articles, many are related to this judge. At the end of my new post, I wrote: Mr. Rainey: When your children think of you, I think, they will think of unfairness and the opposite of integrity, deceit, dishonesty, corruption, dishonor, TREASON! I completely agree with the commenters of Comment #: 20631, Comment #: 18544 & Comment #: 13308!
7/15/19, 2:13 AM
Hon. John D. Rainey

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