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As someone who is familiar with the SDNY for 30 years I must say that it is a pleasure to have a judge who moves along at the speed that Forrest does. It would be nice however if she actually did the work. It's plain to see that she develops an early bias. Makes it a hell of a lot easier to dispense quick decisions when you don't have to do the work. Wonder what her clerks think? Litigants deserve both speed and justice. I would choose justice over speed any day! If you have a complex civil case before her be prepared for the RPM's of a roulette wheel. Regardless of your facts an law I am afraid you will have about as much chance of success. You can go into the hall and flip a coin with the other side. This would be advisable to your clients.
7/15/19, 2:16 AM
Hon. Katherine Bolan Forrest

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