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This is the worst judge I have encountered in 30 years. Totally biased in any civil case involving law enforcement even when the cop is corrupt and using his badge to commit criminal offenses. Ware's legal ability is that of a first year law student, or worse. He completely ignores any 9th Circuit or US Supreme Court precedent that does not allow him to reach a pre-conceived result that he wants to reach. Ware also has a tendency to usurp power and recently had a Writ of Mandamus issued against him by the 9th Circuit for 'usurping power', and may have personal power addiction issue that adversely affects his judgment. Also, Ware may be compromised by outside influences. It would not be surprising if the false story he told a thousand times after law school for which he was reprimanded by the 9th Circuit concerning what motivated his law career was the same story he told in his personal statement to Standford law school, which would make his entire law degree and legal career fraudulent. Obviously, those who would know about such a fraud would have enormous influence over this particular judge, making him powerless to render justice in particular cases.
7/15/19, 2:12 AM
Hon. James Ware

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